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Sheriff v Private Server

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Hudson County, NJ Sheriff Attempting to Serve Process According to the attached Affidavit of (Attempted) Service the Hudson County Sheriff had documents for well over 3 weeks in which time they made 3 attempts at serving the defendant in this matter. Those attempts were all on weekday mornings between 9:05 AM and 11:14 AM (Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday respectively). Callahan lawyers Service had these same documents served within 4 business days of receipt – including...

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Taxpayer Subsidized Service of Process

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While walking along Main St., Hackensack, NJ on Tuesday May 23, 2017 just before 2:30 PM I came across the local sheriff serving process on a bank. The officer, in full uniform including weapons and radios, stopped to text on his way into the bank he was serving. I was struck that he found it necessary to park illegally on the sidewalk in front of the bank. This was not an emergency. They did not have their lights or even their flashers turned on. In fact there was an open,...

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Callahan Lawyers Service Welcomes You

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Thank you for visiting our website and blog. The purpose of our blog will be to bring attention to our customers in a timely manner of changes within the profession and other information we feel is relevant, and additionally updates or changes to our operating policies. We hope you will find this effort useful and appreciate any questions or comments you may have. Dan Callahan

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